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Welcome to Music of the Central Coast

Here at Music of the Central Coast we are dedicated to developing local talent, artists, and venues. We can, and do, assist you in distribution, promotion, management, and booking. We cover all sides of the industry including, but not limited to, artist promotion, production promotion, and airplay. We support the growth of great artists.

Here is a little history.

Years ago, we decided the whole Central Coast of California needed a unique brand. we had the experience and influence to do so. We polished each area of the local music scene one step at a time in order to gain a clear overview and perspective without bias. There were hundreds of voids and we took note.

There needs to be artist development. There clearly needs to be someone in a management role to allow the artists to create and flourish while the business aspects are reliably and efficiently managed. Each side has a brand to protect. Do you know the legal steps that a band would need to take to be on the same page as, for example, a major brand label? Branding a band, group or singer should be easy but it never is. So artist development had to be created and that is what Music of the Central Coast embodies.

The Music of the Central Coast website is an online information service.

MCC is an organization that is dedicated to the clients. Taking great care in how things progress, MCC takes crutial steps when developing the Bands, Groups and Singers that enroll. Owner Bo Barry takes his job very seriously.

The entire MCC team works for and with the clients to give the music its time to shine. With a unique outlook on the local music scene, and thorough research done for terms, laws and requirements necessary to do all this work, MCC makes sure each Band, Group and Singer enrolled with them are completely set up and gaining momentum before they are placed in a situation. MCC will make sure their clients are ready for what is to come.

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